Designing GP Clinical Systems

1 Coding Realistically, we will continue to use some form of coding or classification system for the immediate future.
2The system should only produce one report
3Family history
4Letters in and out
6Networking A brief resume
7The Paper Record
8handling e-mail to and from patients
9handling e-mail to and from patients in Surgery Manager
10Is RFA useful? to the GPs who are paying for it
11GP systems should justify themselves by making money or saving lives. Ideally both.
12One size fits all? Any colour you like provided it is black? Different GPs, and their Practice Managers, need different interfaces.
13windows and Windows - Some of the features of Windows would be useful in clinical systems, but which, and how to get them?
14The Lloyd-George patient record is a record which can be passed on, and the failure of suppliers to get a common interchange standard working.
15What is an Open System?
16how to write hospital discharge summaries
17Consequences of having parts of the record marked as private
18The real interface is with the doctor's brain
19presenting treatment history usefully
20the drug dictionary for this patient
21Old Systems Look Odd - interfaces
22One File per Patient, portability and searching
23Never mind computers, how about the paper notes?
24Adapting EMR Processors to the PCG
Genericising Knowledge Service API
25Choosing a first or new system (1999)
26Structuring the mess in the bucket (1999)
27Trump Order of Pages - presenting summary information (1999)
28The Need for Speed - clever programming and funding are needed to offset the results of committees (1999)
29Business Stability - existing ways of providing GP record systems have not proved robust and effective. Open Source is an alternative with the possibility of improvement. (2000)
30 ...
32 ...
33 ...
34 ...
35 (2002)
36Patient Privacy - Telling the Checker (2003)

Volume 2: 2002

201: Maintaining improvements - the GP Bugzilla (2002)

Structured communications with other machines

(NHS reference on ASN1)
QuickQuack: An Efficiency Aid for Physicians
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