Extending General Practice Opening Hours is Discriminatory

Unless we were to see an unaustere extension to the core hours of public transport services, spreading the working hours of GPs and their Practices over a longer proportion of each day, and over more days of each week, would be inconvenient for the old, frail, poor and ill.

If you depend on public transport to get to your doctor’s Practice, you need the Practice and the transport hours to match up.

Opening the building longer doesn’t magically call forth more GPs, nor does it make the existing ones and their staff able to work longer hours – or willing to. So it divides the existing doctors and hours more thinly.

We provide an emergency service, remarkably little actually is an emergency _and_ is best dealt with in general practice, and for continuing management of chronic conditions, or just to keep the rapport in case of something new and complex, it is best to see the same doctors and nurses.

Extending hours is sound-bite thinking, not so useful or nice as it sounds at first.

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One thought on “Extending General Practice Opening Hours is Discriminatory”

  1. absolutely dont mind working till 8pm as I know I will start later and have a great lie in. I may even be able to go to the bank, drop the kids and school and maybe even pick them up. However for the benefit of the well bodied working population with a runny nose, a poor dear who urgently needs her blood pressure checked or needs the eye drops for her gluacoma will go without.

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