using audio files in textual medical records

Dictate into a digital file. Do not transcribe. Send file to recipient of report or letter. If they want it typed, they get it typed.

General point: many pieces of data need not be transformed until they are needed in the trans-form.

General point: despite decades of talk about electronic records comms etc, many people still think pictures of pieces of paper are electronic records etc. Not.

For many clinical records, a haiku or tweet in typed characters, and attached 2 minute amplification in dictatish speech via digital voice recording is efficient.

Consider what proportion of the crap typed or written in notes is only there in case a lawyer looks at it… When that happens, resolve their digitally signed digital voice recording into their preferred form, but not before then.

Also, one day voice recognition will be better, perhaps even very very good, and it will be easier and cheaper to transcribe automagically than it is using people now. Wait for that time.

The weekend thing (AKA 7 day working)

Lets avoid exceptionalism.

If we are doing routine (whatever the hell routine is) healthcare at weekends then we need routine (WTHRI) education going on or childcare or plumbing or whatever.

And it is unclear why the MPs who seem inclined to set this up should be excused what appears to be routine MPing in the chamber of the House of Commons on Saturdays and Sundays. (Yes, I know they have to visit their constituency, but the weekends won’t be any good for that, because their constituents will be doing their routine (WTHRI) work on days previously marked for Saturn and the Sun.

So we get a desynchronised overlapping continuous society as far as work (whatever work is in this context) goes.

But much of work is accomplished by synchronising the activity/presence/awakeness/thinking/attention of many people, so thre’s a problem with that, and if we sync. groups in a company it has to deal with desync groups in its suppliers…

And buses.

The nature of the idea is naive, and the presentation of it is crass.


“The country has chosen a Conservative government”

and previously, the assertion we chose a coalition in various papers, media and no doubt saloon bars.

It sparked a thought.

“Chosen a {party_name} government”. We didn’t. It is the result of individual choices expressed in constituencies for specific MPs of – certainly – specific parties that resulted in it.

But that suggests an idea for the next version of our voting system and reformed system of government – or representation.

How about an actual vote for the party of government (perhaps expressed as the leader for initial PM) as an addition to the vote for the MP of one’s own constituency.

So the MPs get elected for their constituency, and then non-geographical (perhaps for values of geography that still allow England to be distinguished from Scotland, Wales etc as the inhabitants of one of those countries at least seem to largely favour, perhaps not) additional ones selected from a list according to the proportions of the non-geographical vote.

The detail of the number available, whether they are separately selected or recycled from unelected geographical candidates and whether the two votes are both STV or whatever is secondary though no doubt fascinating, as is the effect of tactical voting.

But actually having the opportunity to vote for a competent local MP of one party while requesting a government by one of the other factions would be nice. And then journalists could write that the country/ies chose a government of a particular hue, and not be nitpicked.

Exeter Evening 5k Series at Flowerpots

We photographed the second round, and previously the first, and expect to photograph the rest, weather, light, commitments etc permitting.

The pictures go up on Charles Whitton’s site, and there is a search facility based on number (which is the same for all rounds).

For convenience here are the search links.

Round 2: General search:

Substitute your own number into the preformed ones below.

If your number is, say, 262 then
gets all yours where the number is visible, and
contains any more where the number isn’t identified.

Round 1: the same forms but with E4X instead of E5X so


I’d mush them all into one, if I could work out the hack, but I havn’t yet, and I don’t think it is a function present in the proprietary system in use there.

Why pick on runner 262? Well, why not. Random.

Matrox and Linux

I have a Matrox M9140 video card, which is a nice way to drive 4 monitors. Credit to Matrox for supporting some Linux distributions (and for providing an installer that actually works nicely on Debian 7 – Wheezy although they only promise it will work on old varieities of ubuntu etc) but now we have Jessie. And Ubuntu has version 15.

The Matrox m9 driver doesn’t recognise the existence of the current Xorg and Xserver versions, and demands an upgrade – I suspect the most significant bit of updating it will be to move (or even remove) the upper limit on the version numbers it is happy with.

So, I had a polite reply to my suiggestion to Matrox support that it would be nice if the (2013) driver got another look at, and am awaiting action, and a new version, with some slight hope.

If Matrox are not going to update it though, it would be very helpful of them if they opened the source code, and then we could have a look at it and given the number of smart people using Linux and developing on it, quite likely bring it up to date at no expense.

SO for the moment I’m back on one of my Nvidia 2 headed cards, which can only do VGA and struggles with my larger screen. Missing the tech.

Webshite of a newspaper-shaped object [Daily Mail]

I have not had the opportunity to check the details personally, and clearly if the newspaper-shaped object which owns the webshite in question (and is it ever not in question) was to provide additional information I should consider it.

This looks entirely credible though, and does visibly make an effort to be a website of information.