Nigel, Lord Crisp used to run the NHS

“It [The Bill] has tried to elevate the ideas of competition and the use of the private sector, which are just mechanics, just mechanisms, as if they were the purpose.” he is reported b y the BBC to have said.

Good point.

“Confused and confusing” he said, and it is. My worry is that when I see something being made so complex as not to be understood, there often turns out to be crime behind it. Obviously not if it is being run by HM Ministers of course, but chaos and floppage are likely to ensue if the Bill is not reversed.

Understanding the Bill: Impossible

At one time the Health Bill seemed based on some coherent principles, but no longer. Martin McKee (professor of European Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK writing in the BMJ) can’t understand it, and is accustomed to teaching on such things. I can’t keep track of what the current situation is. One of my few rules of thumb, I’d hesitate to say principles, general or otherwise, but an idea I apply and await disproof of is that when people are making things more complicated, and I can’t keep track, it is because they are criminals if it is business, or generally dishonest or malevolent in some other way. And not people to trust or do business with if it is possible to avoid doing.